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Health Begins Here

  • A set of three workshop series (over a total of 21 weeks) designed to give you new tools and strategies to deal with life’s stressors, reconnect with your inner creativity, and enhance your sense of  well-being.

  • Learn about mindfulness and it’s role in decreasing stress and improving well-being

  • Understand how compassion practices help us to calm down and recognize our stress

  • Develop new ways for handling stressful situations including creativity, communication and meditation

To find out more about the research findings on the Tools workshops, click on the following tab: 


Wellness Options LLC also offers the CR2CLE Executive Leadership program: Catalysts Redefining Resilient Communities and Leadership Excellence.


The CR²CLE Program is designed specifically for social service managers. CR²CLE promotes individual and organizational resilience by providing social service employees with skills to strengthen resilience, well-being, leadership, and community. The program is grounded in the evidence-based practices of mindfulness and compassion, including other empirically validated skills and strategies. 

To find out more about the research and a detailed description about the CR2CLE Executive Leadership program, click on the following tab below: 

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